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2015:May:5 Election Paul Fiorino for Mayor is a proud Sponsor of Civic Satisfaction Candidates and Questions back to: Civic Satisfaction - face to face
Paul Noel Fiorino for Denver Mayor'15:
Green Talk
Denver Decides
Greens' Qs
Post 2015:March:12
2014 Governor: Arvada Forum video 9 News STATESMAN Vote CO Vote Smart Camera
Arts & Education: Arts Activist CDBaby Teach Dance
Preservation of Neighborhoods & Environment
Arts, Humanities & Civil Education for All
Employment & Small Business & New Industries

contact email or 303-825-7570 - Paul Noel Fiorino

Subject: Fwd: SCRIPT for Denver Decides for Paul Noel Fiorino certified candidate for mayor
From: Paul Noel Fiorino
Date: Wed, Mar 18, 2015 12:46 am
Respond to PaulNoelFiorino@gmail or 303-825-7570
---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Paul Noel Fiorino
Date: Thu, Mar 12, 2015 at 11:43 PM
Subject: SCRIPT for Denver Decides for Paul Noel Fiorino certified candidate for mayor
To:, Paul Noel Fiorino , "" ,,, League of Women Voters of Denver

Hello I am Paul Noel Fiorino and I ask for your vote today for a "New Day For Denver."
I will serve as an unaffiliated Mayor who accepts no money, donations or endorsements.
My recent runs for governor have given me unique experiences with the same integrity I was honored with votes from every County including 664 votes from Denver County.
I have served in various leadership roles with nonprofits for over 40 years and am currently the President of the award winning Golden Triangle Museum District, " Most Creative Neighborhood" deemed by the votes of the people with Westword's Best New Arts District" along with our State partner Colorado Plein Air Festival
Preservation of our quality of life and environment must be re-instated to build trust and transparency with our developments, police department and our parks.
Equal wages for women and keeping families together is paramount.
Denver is the Creative Capitol of the Rocky Mountain Region with an emphasis on arts, humanities, health and civic education for all.
Small business, needs affordable rents and housing as Denver introduces new industries we must innovate for our social needs including the aging population and those who are coming to our fine and beautiful City.
I came to Denver in 1955 as my Father was hired by Denver icon Temple Hoyne Buell living in the Auditorium Hotel before moving to the Baker neighborhood.
I grew up in rural Parker now part of Metro-Denver but came to the big city to study skills in the fine art of ballet.
The business of collaboration, cooperation and collective creative productions brings together diverse talent leading to my small business of 35 years.
I have served on commissions during the Pena and Webb administrations while also serving State and National delegations.

Please search the web for more and check your voter registration.
My children are grown and my time is now and Denver is ready for a New Day.
I am Paul Noel Fiorino asking for your vote to be your next Mayor of Denver.